Midland – Head to Health

The Midland Head to Health adult mental health centre, part of a national Australian Government funded trial and operated by St John of God Health Care, provides support for mild to moderate mental health concerns to the communities of Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Hunt Architects were engaged to design a facility that provided a welcoming environment for both Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and non-Aboriginal people – and, inclusive of CALD, LGBTIQ+, Religious & cultural beliefs, disability, and senior/older communities, whilst maintaining a non-clinical look and feel of the centre.

The interiors team used the materials & finishes throughout, to not only provide a warm and welcoming look and feel, but also tell a story and allow visitors to comfortably tell their story for others to be heard.

A Yarning circle, an open area where people sit and talk around each other, was literally designed into the floor vinyl and furniture placements around it. The yarning circles are strategically placed throughout the centre at meeting points within the waiting areas.

Each of the six (6) Consultation rooms were respectfully dual named after each of the Noongar seasons, with the corresponding room’s back wall painted in the colour of the season. This also allows the centre to use the rooms for other purposes and didn’t necessarily fixate the room to being consultation only.

The clever use of acoustic baffles to allow for a running river in the ceiling, was intentionally designed to force eyesight upward, lift the mood and peak interest in the visitors as they follow the river on their journey through the centre, stopping off where they need to.