Albemarle Lithium NPI Buildings

This development was part of the Kemerton Lithium Project, to create a lithium hydroxide plant in the South West of WA, with Hunt Architects engaged by Perkins Builders to design the Non-Processing Infrastructure (NPI) buildings in partnership with MCG Architects based in Bunbury.

It was a significant project that consisted of facilities incorporating corporate and operational areas including Central Site Operations building, Central Control Room (CCR), Administration, Laboratory building, main security Entry Gatehouse and Exit Gatehouse, Wellness Building, Mess building and Emergency services building.

A separate building was needed to incorporate a workshop facility, engineering maintenance, parts storage, fuel storage and wash down facilities.

Working towards a detailed design brief provided by the client, the project provided rewarding challenges and valuable insight into the resources sector.

Textured fibre cement cladding was used extensively throughout, so a paint colour scheme was developed to reflect the environment of where the plant is located, and to compliment the client’s logo and swatch palette. This gave the building a more integrated feel with the natural surroundings than a project of this size might otherwise have.